success stories
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what a success it....???
• Have a goal: the successful first step is to determine the ideals of courage, hope and desire is to be obtained later. Ideals is the first step to success. People who have ideals means he dare to succeed and those who do not have a goal means he has no desire to succeed.

• Have a vision: successful people always have the foresight. People who have a vision not only see something terjai now and this time, but also always estimate, predict and prepare for something that would happen and what would like to obtain. The vision has to do with successful people who want to ideals acquired in the future.

• Have a target: in implementing the vision to achieve his goals, successful people have the stats-planning and careful calculations of what became the goal. Implementation of targets related to what you want to be obtained within a certain time as a stage for success.

• Positive Thinking: successful people are always convinced that the ideals, vision and target will be achieved in accordance with the calculation and planning. People who think positively are always optimistic that his ideals will be achieved, and performing well ..

• Dare start: successful people willing to start businesses that will make his goal is reached. Successful people are not the visionaries who have the ideals, vision and targets but never wanted to start a business toward its goals were.

• Discipline, earnestly and diligently: the discipline of what is planned is one of the capital to succeed. To be a successful person is also required diligence and sincerity in the attempt.
• To surrender and pray: as a man of faith, surrender is a form of optimism after making every effort to achieve goals. Pray also very important because all the effort that has been done will not happen without His permission.

• Evaluation: after making various efforts over a period of time, try to do the evaluation of the effort that has been done, whether in accordance with the planned and expected, or not? Evaluation is done to remember the original purpose and perfect kenmbali back efforts have been made.

• Be grateful: after all the ideals and expectations occurs, it is appropriate to celebrate the success has been achieved by way enjoy and make use of it in the best possible success.

"Have you ever knowing about the principle of 20 vs. 80? Or the concept that 1% is morethan 99%? In fact, these principles are applicable in life, sometimes even walking withmore extreme, as we know that in the process of fertilization, percentage of sperm thatsuccessfully fertilized is much smaller than 1%, but the quality that bit that determines the survival of a species.
    There is also known that less than 3% of the human community which controls more than 80% of existing assets, and less than 10% of consumers who contribute the largestturnover in a business, and many other similar examples.
  Now your task to discover, learn, develop and exploit the potential of the smallest ofyourself which is the largest and most qualified portion to enhance success in your life.See you next time, 

Good luck to you.

Goal and dreams
"A dream is just a dream. A Goal is a dream with a plan and a deadline.
"Dream the dream was limited. A goal is a dream accompanied by plans and deadlines. "
(Harvey McKay)
Inspirational Story
You can choose a large tree, for whatever ... as high as any, with any kind of hard .... and ifyou try to cut him off items slash 5 times each day, one day the tree will be uprooted as well ..
Similarly with dreams and your goals, if you do what it takes to achieve it consistently, youwill achieve them at some point.
(from Ron Scolastico, Ph.D. & Jack Canfield)

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Failures and success
"If you want to increase your success, double up your failure! "
Inspirational Story
Like the story about a sales person, where in 10 times its offer of a program, he alwaysdeclined as much as 9 times and managed to sell a program, then he does is to seekdenial as much as ten times than usual, because any failure always brings them close to a  success.
Obey and command
"By learning to obey, someone knows how to command"