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success story of Bob sadino

Bob Sadino (Lampung, March 9, 1933), or fondly called om Bob, was a businessman from Indonesia who do business in the field of food and livestock. He is the owner of the business network and Kemchick Kemfood. In many occasions, he was often seen using a short-sleeved shirt and shorts that became his trademark. Bob Sadino born from an affluent family. He was the youngest of five children. When his parents died, Bob who was then 19 years old inherited all the wealth his family because the other siblings are considered to settle down. 

Bob then spent most of his money to travel around the world. On his way, he stopped in the Netherlands and settled for approximately 9 years. There, he worked in London Lylod in Amsterdam and also in Hamburg, Germany. While living in Holland, Bob met his life partner, Soelami Soejoed. 

In 1967, Bob and his family returned to Indonesia. He brought along his two Mercedes, made in the 1960s. One of them he sold to buy land in Kemang, South Jakarta, while others still he kept. After a long stay and live in Indonesia, Bob decided to quit his job because he has the determination to work independently. 

First job in doing it after leaving the company is renting a car Mercedes that he had, he himself became his driver. But unfortunately, once he got an accident that resulted in his car badly damaged. Since no money to fix it, Bob turned the work into a mason. His salary when it is only Rp.100. He also had experienced depression due to life stressors experienced. 

One day, his friend Bob suggested raising chickens to fight his depression. Bob's interested. When raising chickens that's emerging entrepreneurial inspiration. He watched the life of the chickens flocks. He was inspired, the chicken can only fight for life, of human being can, too. 

As a chicken farmer, Bob and his wife, every day selling a few kilograms of eggs. Within one and a half years, he and his wife have many customers, especially foreigners, because they are fluent in English. Bob and his wife lived in the area of ​​Kemang, Jakarta, where there are many foreigners settled. 

Not infrequently the couple are insulted customers, maid stranger though. But they mirror on ourselves, improve the service. Drastic changes were to happen to Bob, from feudal to private servants. After that, over time the silver-haired Bob, became sole owner of the supermarket (the supermarket) Kem Chicks. He always performed with simple short-sleeved shirt and shorts. 

Bob's supermarket business is growing rapidly, reaching into agribusiness, especially horticulture, managing vegetable gardens for the consumption of foreigners in Indonesia.Therefore he also formed a partnership with farmers in some areas. 

Bob believes that every step of success is always preceded failures. Entrepreneurial journey is not as smooth as it seems. He and his wife often turned upside down. For him money is not the number one. The important thing is the willingness, commitment, daring to seek and seize opportunities. 

In the mind of someone doing something develops, the plan should not always raw and stiff, which is in one's self is the development of what he had done. The weakness of many, too many thinkers to make a plan so that he did not immediately step. "The most important action," said Bob. 

Bob's success is inseparable from ignorance, so he immediately jumped into the field.After ups and downs, Bob skilled and master the field. Bob the success of the process is different from the prevalence, it should start from the science and practice, and become skilled and professional. 
According to Bob, many people who started from the knowledge, thinking and acting all-powerful, arrogant, because it feels to have knowledge than others. 

While Bob was always flexible to customers, listen to suggestions and complaints. With an attitude like that Bob won the sympathy of customers and are able to create a market.According to Bob, customer satisfaction will create self-gratification. So he always tried his best to serve customers. 

Bob put his company like a family. Kem Chicks All family members should respect each other, nothing major, all have a function and strength. 

Children Teacher 

Back to the homeland in 1967, after many years in Europe with the last job as an employee Djakarta Lloyd in Amsterdam and Hamburg, Bob, the youngest of five children, had only one determination, self-employed. His father, Sadino, Solo man who became head teacher in junior high and high school Tanjungkarang, died when Bob was 19. 

Capital which he had brought from Europe, two Mercedes sedans made in the 1960s.One he sold to buy land in Kemang, South Jakarta. At that time, Kemang area quiet, still lie fields and gardens. While other car ditaksikan, Bob own driver. 

Once, the car was rented. Apparently, not money back, but the news is devastating car accident. "My heart collapsed," said Bob. Loss of income sources, Bob then worked so construction workers. In fact, if he wished, his wife, Soelami Soejoed, experienced as a secretary in the foreign countries, could save the situation. But Bob insisted, "I am the head of the family. I have to make a living. " 

To quiet the mind, Bob receives gift of 50 chickens race acquaintances, Sri Mulyono Herlambang. From here Bob climb: He managed to become sole owner and businessman Kem Chicks vegetable cultivation hydroponic system. Then there Kem Food, meat processing plant in Pulogadung, and a "stall" shaslik in Blok M, Kebayoran Baru, Jakarta. Note the beginning of 1985 showed, on average per month of Bob's company sells 40 to 50 tons of fresh meat, 60 to 70 tons of processed meat, and 100 tons of fresh vegetables. 

"I'm living a fantasy," said Bob describes his business success. Father of two children and then gives an example of one of his fantasies, can sell water spinach Rp 1,000 per kilogram. "Wherever there are no people selling kale with the price that much," said Bob. 

Uncle Bob, close calls for his men, would not move beyond the food business. For him, a field that ditekuninya now there is no end. Therefore he did not want to fantasize that all sorts. 

Hajj this quirky-looking, big fan of classical music and jazz. Moments of the most beautiful to him, when praying with his wife and two children.

Bob Sadino currently has issued a book on how to start a business and he often says something out of the ordinary for someone who wants to succeed in business ..

one of the famous words of Bob Sadino is

"Stupid way to be an entrepreneur ...."

Bob Sadino 
Tanjungkarang, Lampung, March 9, 1933 

-Elementary school, Yogyakarta (1947) 
-Junior high school, Jakarta (1950) 
-Senior high school, Jakarta (1953) 

-Employee Unilever (1954-1955) 
-Employees Djakarta Lloyd, Amsterdam and Hamburg (1950-1967) 
Single-Owner Kem Chicks (supermarkets) (1969-present) 
-President Director of PT Boga Catur Rata 
-Kem Foods (manufacturer of sausage and ham) 
-Kem Farms (vegetable garden) 

Home Address: 
 Al Ibadah street II/12, Kemang, Kebayoran Baru , South Jakarta  

Office Address: 
Kem Chicks  Bangka Raya street 86, South Jakarta